How Kenwood's Hand Mixers Can Make Baking A Convenient Process

How Kenwood's Hand Mixers Can Make Baking A Convenient Process

For the experienced baker, figuring out what the best ingredients are for their bakes and where to get them is easy, but the same cannot be said for those who have only just started dipping their toes into baking. Without the basic knowledge of baking and the tricks for easy preparation, even online video tutorials may not help much. 

Similarly, household baking appliances can be hard to decipher for someone new, or never baked as often. Manual tools easily found in the supermarkets are useful as they are. However, saving time and energy with electric hand mixers that are durable and reliable make them worth the investment as a kitchen essential.

No matter your experience level, it is good to start small, and steadily upgrade your skills and tools. Kenwood has the perfect selection of premium hand mixers that will cater to the beginner baker, from beginner-friendly right up to those suitable for the skilful baker. Here’s how Kenwood electric hand mixers can make baking a lot easier and enjoyable!

Kenwood Hand Mixers

It won’t be difficult picking out baking appliances to suit your experience level with Kenwood. For casual bakers, Kenwood’s hand mixers are some of the most dependable ones on the market, designed with quality and performance. Kenwood’s legacy in hand and stand mixers is no secret to anyone with an eye for good kitchenware. For premium quality household appliances that will stand the test of time, you can trust Kenwood to deliver to the mark.


HandMix Lite

Kenwood’s HandMix Lite is to date its most powerful hand mixer. Lightweight, ergonomic, and carrying a whopping 450W, the hand mixer supports you through the most complicated recipes. With five-speed options, you can either start slow to avoid mistakes and then go fast when there is no time to waste. For recipes that require a gentle mix,, the HandMix Lite’s pulsing function allows you to slowly integrate your ingredients, arriving at a smoother, more  even blend without overmixing. 

With its size, the HandMix Lite is easy to set up and store. The two stainless steel beaters and kneaders can be conveniently removed for cleaning with the safe eject button. With its ergonomic design, you can set the mixer on your countertop easily when you need to rest in the middle of prep, without making a mess. Whether you are beating 10 egg whites or working on a litre of batter, rest assured you have a supportive mixing machine while you follow through any baking recipe.

The HandMix Lite is designed to last you  for years to come; an active companion that will accompany you from your virgin bakes, all the way to your masterful cakes


Chefette 3L

The Chefette 3L is an ideal option for those who  wants to step up their baking game. This hand mixer and stand mixer combination is conceived for beginner bakers who rather not clean up too much after baking. Like the HandMix Lite, the Chefette also carries five speeds, together with the same pulsing function for gentler bakes. In addition, there is the SureGrip handle designed for bakers to best hold onto the machine while mixing the ingredients for their cakes, muffins and cookies. 

Even the most experienced bakers are susceptible to mess when working with bigger quantities. One of the advantages that come along with the Chefette is  the splash guard. With it you do not  have to worry about  after the clean up after your bakes. On top of that, the Chefette 3L comes with a rotating bowl, which spins in the opposite direction to the beaters and kneaders, creating a synergist movement that effectively cancels out potential mess while incorporating all the ingredients effortlessly.  

At its size, the Chefette 3L is great for its ease of storage, but still promising the high-quality bakes of Kenwood’s bigger stand mixers. Whether you are a casual baker, or someone looking to bake more seriously, this hand mixer with stand combo will help you create wonderful pastries and desserts for your friends and family. 

360 Baking Support Programme

The HandMix Lite and Chefette 3L are great for beginners not only for their compact sizes but also for the  they come with. This is a Kenwood exclusive initiative created with beginner or casual bakers in mind, where Kenwood offers you complimentary baking lessons or workshops, all of which can be booked online. By purchasing any of the two electric hand mixers, you are entitled to be part of this programme. 

In collaboration with MyWeekendPlan, you can go for a complimentary baking starter when you purchase any hand or stand mixers that qualify for the program from Kenwood. This is provided to you upon warranty registration of your baking appliance. There is also the option for you to book personalised consultations if you are seeking baking or product advice , through Kenwood’s in-house baking advisor, or a professional baker, all to attend to your baking queries. This is made possible with one of the best private Malaysian educational institutions, the UCSI University.  

Easy Upgrade Programme

When you feel like you have outgrown the HandMix Lite or Chefette 3L, you  can upgrade your electric mixing machine to a 6.7L one - Chef XL, Titanium Chef XL, or the Cooking Chef XL. Be sure to find out more which is the most suitable for you in the complete guide to Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines. With the Easy Upgrade Programme, you may offset the cost of your chosen hand mixer with the price paid for the HandMix Lite or Chefette 3L. 

You can do so by first registering the warranty of your new stand mixer. Within 90 days of warranty registration, you will receive an e-Shop code to offset the original retail price of your HandMix Lite or Chefette 3L. 


Start your baking journey with Kenwood 

Embarking on any new hobby or interest is exciting. Baking can teach you how to appreciate food and dessert like never before, and let you understand the process of creating your favourite cake, muffin or cookie. Apart from satiating one’s creative craving, it is an activity that can be enjoyed with the entire family while having some fun in the kitchen. Kenwood’s hand mixers are a great baking appliance that will power you through your first bakes to those family baking sessions. Coupled with the Baking 360 Support Programme, you can be confident knowing that Kenwood is around to help you through your baking journey. 

For a reputable brand with a strong British heritage, Kenwood will walk the extra mile to smoothen your baking journey just as it has done so for generations of bakers.