Cold press juicers for your Malaysian kitchen

Get started on your journey towards healthy living with our cold press juicers. Extract all the vitamins and nutrients from your fruits and vegetables with our premium line of slow juicers. Kenwood Malaysia makes juicing easy and quick for your breakfasts and post-workout sessions!

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What is a cold press juicer? 

At Kenwood Malaysia, we boast the finest range of cooking appliances to suit your lifestyle needs. The PureJuice Pro models are some of the most incredible cold press juicers you can get in Malaysia.

Cold press juicers extract juice from your fruits, vegetables and nuts by slowly pressing and squashing them. The low-speed but powerful motor rotates slowly to gently and effortlessly extract nutrients and vitamins from your fruits and vegetables to create nourishing juices. This extraction process eliminates the production of heat during juicing, which is common in other methods of juicing. Hence the term for it: cold pressing. This method of juice extraction even allows you to extract juices from mint, coriander and almonds. That homemade almond milkshake is just a juicer away! 

Not only do our cold press juicers guarantee a smooth and vitamin-rich blend, but they also feature a pulp collecting container. This way, you can collect the nutrient-rich pulp to use for your falafels, soups or even organic hydrating and restoring face masks. 

Get quality juice with cold pressed juicing

The lack of substantial heat production during cold pressed juicing means that the plants do not get oxidised during the process. Therefore, you get to enjoy all the nutrients from your vegetables in your cup of juice. Cold press juicers retain the nutrients effectively and yield a higher volume of juice from your fruits and vegetables. 

Add our cold press juicer to your cart and make a valuable addition to your kitchen. Who wouldn’t want a cup of fresh cold pressed juice with a warm bagel toasted in our electric oven?


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Malaysia’s Cold Press Juicers

What is the difference between cold pressed juicing and slow pressed juicing? 

Cold pressed juicing and slow pressed juicing are both the same! Similar to how masticating juicers work, these juicing methods squeeze and press fruits and vegetables at low speeds and temperatures. The juicers either use a single auger, twin gears or a press to slowly extract juice with high nutritional content. Both cold press and slow press juicers  can extract most of the nutrients in your fruits and vegetables without much mess or noise. 

Keep your kitchen looking neat and stylish with one of our contemporary and modern looking cold press juicers

Can cold press juicers make orange juice? 

The short answer is yes, but you would have to remove the outer layer of the fruit. For a more effective method of juicing oranges and other similar fruits, you can check out Kenwood Malaysia’s citrus juicers. These juicers are suitable for juicing all types of citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons. 

Get a fresh cool cup of orange juice in the mornings to wash down your hot toast prepared with our modern bread toasters

Does Kenwood Malaysia offer other types of juicers?

We have a range of quality juicers to suit your lifestyle needs including slow press juicers, juicers for oranges and other citrus fruits, and centrifugal juicers. Take advantage of our free delivery for orders worth RM 250 and more, within selected locations in Malaysia. Find out more about our delivery services online before making a purchase. Alternatively, you could come down to any Kenwood Malaysia outlet near you to see our selection of modern juicers as well as our other kitchen appliances. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to show you around!