What is Planetary Mixing Action?

While most beaters in a mixer rotate in a circular motion the Kenwood bowl tools move in a 'planetary' way.
This means that while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction making sure all the mixture is picked up from around the side, bottom and centre of the bowl.

“Mixing is the most critical part of the baking process and

it's also the part that’s most out of the baker’s control."

- Paulo Zunino, CEO of Esmach

The Kenwood non-stick Whisk is shaped to create maximum volume by incorporating plenty of air into the mixture to give a light, fluffy texture. With the tiered design, the Whisk is able to whisk as little as 1 egg white to as many as 16 egg whites.

Ideal for soufflés, whipping cream, crepes, mousses, meringues.

The dough hook takes all the hard work out of kneading dough, much faster than kneading by hand. Its angled design will ensure all the yeasts is evenly distribute, which along with the total mix planetary action, stretches the glutens in the flour and allows the yeast to rise.

Ideal for breads, pizza bass and sweet dough mixes for buns and pastries.

Created for soft mixtures, the Creaming beater consists of a metal frame and rubber fins on the edge which scrapes the surface of the bowl. This reduces the need to stop and scrape with a spatula during the mixing process. The texture will be far superior when chocolate, creaming butter, and sugar for cake mixtures.

Ideal for cakes and soft mixtures.

Designed to replicate the folding motion, the Folding tool is key in many cooking and baking recipes. It allows gentle incorporation of air in both heavy or light ingredients to achieve light fluffy textures.

Ideal for soufflés, mousses and macarons.

Fitting and Adjusting your Bowl Tools

All our bowl tools are fitted in a way that it ensures the ingredients are picked up from the bottom of the bowl. With just a spanner, you can easily adjust the height of all your bowl tools.