Your Guide To Choosing The Right Oven In Malaysia

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook or an avid baker to want a new oven with innovative features and functions. Whether it’s for making a savoury, tender flatiron steak roulade or a scrumptious batch of chocolate chip cookies, there is no denying your oven is the kitchen appliance that will help you conquer any recipe you want to try. 

To cook good food, it is necessary to own a reliable and high-quality electric oven. Trust us, it makes a lot of difference. So, if you are in the market for a new oven, there are several factors you should consider so that you can find the best possible option for your baking or cooking needs. Here are some of the important factors you should consider when shopping for a new oven in Malaysia: 


The first thing when it comes to purchasing an oven for your kitchen is to identify the type you need. To put it simply, what will you be using the oven for? If it is merely to make a grilled cheese toastie for breakfast every morning, reheat leftover pastries, or even baking simple chocolate chip cookies, then a toaster oven will be sufficient. 

However, if you intend to roast chicken, bake cake layers, or try out more intricate sweet treats like éclairs, consider an electric oven. 

Heating Method

When it comes to electric ovens, there are two primary types of heating methods that you can choose from: conventional and convectional. 

Conventional Heating

A conventional oven heats up the food using one source of heat (sometimes two, depending on the model and type), usually found at the bottom of the oven. Most people are familiar with using a conventional oven, and many recipes are formulated in accordance with this type of oven as well. However, as the hot air is not circulated within the oven cavity, the interior often has pockets that are hotter or colder than others. This can lead to uneven baking or roasting. Furthermore, a conventional oven can burn food that is placed too close to its heating elements. 

Convectional Ovens

A convection oven has the same setup, except that it comes with an additional fan and exhaust system to help circulate hot air around the food. This results in food that cooks or bakes faster, but most importantly, they will come out more evenly. 

While conventional ovens have been the go-to for many years, convection ovens are now becoming increasingly popular in many households, and for a good reason, especially since the latter offers more features and advantages over their conventional counterparts. 

As mentioned earlier, convection ovens cook food more evenly. This is due to the fact that the hot air is constantly circulated throughout the entire oven cavity instead of being concentrated in one area like in conventional ovens. This in turn, allows all sides of your dish to be cooked thoroughly, preventing hotspots or charring from occurring. 

Additionally, convection cooking generally results in a shorter cooking time, making it the ideal option if you are looking to save time in the kitchen. Many people may also find that convection ovens are better to use since you can adjust the settings accordingly to achieve your desired results. Furthermore, a faster cooking time means meats are less likely to dry out, and pastries come out crispier since the extra heat helps to steam the fat in dough quickly. 

Size and Capacity

Another important thing that you have to consider when searching for a new oven is the size and capacity. Ovens come in a wide range of sizes, so we recommend you select one that will fit comfortably in your kitchen without taking up too much space. 

For instance, if you have a large family or entertain guests very often, when you opt for a larger capacity oven, you will have the advantage of cooking multiple dishes at once – saving time. Conversely, if you live alone or do not have to cook big batches of food regularly, choosing a smaller or countertop electric oven with a capacity of 32L to 56L may be more practical and cost-effective in the long run. 

Besides looking at the size and capacity of your oven, it’s also important to consider the dimensions of your current baking pans and sheets. To help you save on having to replace or purchase additional of these, be sure to get an oven with a capacity and size to accommodate these baking and kitchen tools. 

Proper Shelves and Glass Doors

Having a big oven with a range of self-positions gives you versatility, especially when you are planning the preparation of several courses at once. Hence, you should look for solid shelves that do not sit flat, slide out, or sag forward. There should also be safety stops to prevent the shelf from sliding out completely. 

When it comes to oven doors, look for an oven with a light and easy-to-operate door. The best types of oven doors are glass ones since they provide bakers and cooks with a large, clear view window – so you avoid having to open the doors to check on your food. The glass door of your oven should also be at least two to three layers thick so that it stays cooler to the touch – an important safety feature, especially if you have little ones at home who like to wander into the kitchen. Also, be sure to check that the door stays open in any position and does not shut itself while you are in the midst of taking a hot dish out. 

Power Source

Another thing you should consider when shopping for a new electric oven is the power source. Most commonly, ovens operate using electricity as this offers consistent and reliable heating. Gas ovens are also available in the market. However, they are less common and will require the gas company or technician to ensure the gas line is properly connected. This setup can become quite costly and is typically more difficult to operate. 

Additional Functions and Features

Besides the aforementioned considerations, there are some additional features that you may want to look out for when purchasing a new oven. Some examples of these features include: 

  • Auto cut-off timers – these are great for ensuring that your bakes do not get burnt, in turn, ensuring the safety and prevention of accidental fires. 
  • Thermostat temperature – having this setting helps you to adjust, control, and maintain a consistent temperature for the entire heating process (a function that is essential for specific baking recipes)
  • Pull-out crumb tray – a removable tray that catches food debris or crumbs that may fall out during cooking. This not only helps to keep the oven clean, but also makes the clean-ups hassle-free. 
  • Grill rotisserie – having this feature allows you to roast meats, vegetables, and other foods by cooking them on a rotating spit. 

Colour and Design

Apart from all the functionality and features, there are also aesthetic aspects of the oven you can look out for. So, when shopping for an oven, be sure to consider the interior design and aesthetics of your kitchen so you can pick something with the right colours and design to complement your space. 

At Kenwood Malaysia, we strive to keep things simple, stylish, and functional with our range of electric ovens for baking and cooking. The oven designs and style help bakers and cooks admire their delicious creations while still looking great as they sit on kitchen tops of any aesthetics. 

Price and Budget

Last but not least, the price of your desired oven should match the budget you are willing to allocate for the features you find the most useful and suitable for your nuanced needs. This could include cutting back on self-cleaning functions, cooktops, and the likes; streamlining the features so you can focus solely on enriching your baking as well as cooking experiences without compromising on results. 

At Kenwood, we believe in the quality of unparalleled performance versus flashy features and style. The result? Some of the world’s best electric ovens to streamline your cooking and baking process. 

Take, for instance, the Electric Convection Oven (32L) is designed with non-stick sides for easy cleaning, a slide-out crumb tray for easy removal, a 30-minute auto cut-off timer, all packed in a durable stainless-steel front and outer – all for RM699. 

For light baking and grilling, our Toaster Oven 10L features a compact build, removable crumb tray, thermostat temperature, indicator light, and a 30-minute auto cut-off timer that retails online for just RM199. 

Shop Kenwood Electric Ovens

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