Top 4 Baking Mixer Hacks You Should Know

There’s more than one way to get the perfect consistency for your favourite dessert! Baking is all about precision, which means that many bakers tend to opt for electric mixers, whether handheld or stand, to achieve the perfect consistency for their cakes and bakes. While many hand mixers and stand mixer machines today come equipped with many advanced features and functions to elevate your bakes, there are other creative ways you can try out to enrich your baking experience.

Here are some of the top baking mixer hacks we think you should know when using an electric mixer for baking: 

1. Use Room Temperature Eggs and Butter for Lighter Cakes

If you are baking a cake or making buttercream icing, room-temperature eggs and butter tend to give you the most even and voluminous results. If possible, take your butter and eggs out of the fridge at least an hour beforehand and cut them into cubes so that they can be placed in the mixing bowl. Do not be tempted to speed things up by softening your butter in the microwave, as it can turn greasy and result in your cakes rising properly. If you do not have enough time to let the eggs sit out, you can try placing them in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. 

But, if you are making pastries, then you should use cold butter instead to allow for them to be moulded into sheets without melting. When making your own pie crust, freeze the butter and grate it into the dough. This makes your crust flakier; also, the butter will not start to melt until it goes into the oven, thus creating air pockets. Grated butter will also soften quicker than cubed ones, keeping the pie pastry’s consistency even when it bakes. 

2. Chill Your Bowl and Beaters for Perfect Whipped Cream

Achieving the perfect consistency for whipped cream is no small feat, even if you use some of the world’s best hand or stand mixers from Kenwood Malaysia. As every baker knows, it is a delicate process to whip up all this fluffy goodness, but what if we told you that there is a baking mixer hack that can significantly increase your chance of succeeding in making the perfect whipped cream? 

All you need to do is to place your mixing bowl and the beaters of your baking mixer into the freezer for 15 minutes before you use them. Not only does this speed up the process if you are using a hand mixer, but it also thickens the cream during the mixing process to give lighter and airier results – the fat in the cream is kept chilled, and as such, the cream can better hold its shape. 

3. Use Proper Mixing Speeds to Achieve the Best Cake Icings

If you want to achieve a smooth cake icing consistency, then you best be careful with the mixing speed of your hand or stand mixer. Mixing at too high a speed may result in the ingredients not blending properly, whereas a slower speed may cause the mixture to become too stiff. 

Instead, you can achieve the perfect consistency by using a low-speed setting on your mixer until all your ingredients are fully incorporated. From there, you can turn up the speed to a moderate setting and mix till your batter is smooth. Another handy tip is to use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl while your stand mixer is still running so that all your ingredients are properly blended. If you own a Kenwood stand mixer, we’ve good news for you – you can skip this step as our mixers come with a rotating bowl! Last but not least, do not overmix your batter. Overmixing tends to yield tough, rubbery icing; keep a close eye on the consistency of your mixture and stop your baking mixer once the desired consistency has been reached. 

The perfect consistency is achieved by using a low-speed setting on your mixer until all your ingredients are fully incorporated before turning up the speed to a moderate setting to mix until smooth. Another tip is to use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl while the electric mixer is running to ensure that all ingredients are properly blended (you can skip this step if you own a Kenwood mixer that utilises a rotating bowl). Finally, don't overmix! Overmixing can result in tough, rubbery icing, so keep a close eye on the consistency of your mixture and immediately stop your hand or stand mixer once the desired consistency has been reached.

4. Take Advantage of All the Baking Mixer Attachments You Can Use

It does not just stop at cakes and bakes. With the right baking mixer attachments, you can make other foods like pasta, tempered chocolate, ice cream, and much more! Take, for example, Kenwood’s pasta-maker attachments lets you make fresh pasta like linguine, tagliolini, lasagna, or whatever your heart desires, whenever. Slow-speed attachments also make for perfect rotary slicers, grinding mills, meat mincers, and many more. With the right Kenwood stand mixer attachments, the sky is the limit regarding food preparation, cooking, and even baking. 

Choose a Baking Mixer You Can Trust

In addition to the four baking hacks to know when using an electric mixer for baking, there is one last thing that is even more important that we think you should be aware of – investing in a sturdy baking mixer that you can trust. 

Since baking is a process that requires precision, accuracy, and attention to detail, yielding consistently great results depends on utilising the right kitchen appliances. And in this regard, Kenwood has got you covered with our diverse line-up of premium baking tools and appliances for your every whim and need. Shop online at Kenwood Malaysia today, and don’t forget to check out our ongoing sales so you can enjoy great deals on the best baking appliances and mixers in the market.