10-Minute Muah Chee!
The go-to street food in Malaysia and Singapore, this treat is well-loved for its chewy and springy glutinous rice and fragrant sesame seeds or peanut coating. If you’ve never tasted it before, it’s similar to Japanese mochi.


  100 g glutinous flour
  135 ml water
  2 tsp unflavoured oil like vegetable
  Peanut Powder As much as you need!



In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the glutinous rice flour and water into a smooth batter.


Add oil and mix well. You can skip the oil if you prefer, but the oil makes the muah chee slightly smoother. Some also use shallot oil for added fragrance.


Place the bowl into the microwave oven and cook for 2 minutes.


After 2 minutes, remove the bowl and mix the dough well. At this point, the dough should be half-cooked. Return the bowl to the microwave oven and cook for another 2 minutes.


Knead the dough for another 1-2 minutes after removing from the microwave oven so that it will be chewier.


Add sugared peanut powder into a bowl. If the peanut powder you have doesn’t have sugar in it, simply add white sugar to your desired sweetness.


Add prepared muah chee to the bowl in small batches, and coat the dough with peanut powder, then cut it into smaller pieces. Coating the muah chee with peanut powder will help it stick less to the scissors as well as to each other.


Plate and serve!