The Perfect Christmas Snack: Raspberry Marzipan Drops
A true classic, Marzipans are a Christmas staple. Often enjoyed as a festive dessert, our twist on this sweet treat makes it deliciously bite-sized - creating perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones. Made with freeze-dried raspberries and dipped in indulgent chocolate, these delightful one-bite marzipan drops are sure to be a family favourite.


  2 tbsp freeze dried raspberry pieces
  175 g ground almonds
  90 g icing sugar
  90 g caster sugar
  1 egg
  1 tsp lemon juice
  1 tsp amaretto (Optional)
  ½ tsp pink gel food colouring (Optional)
  icing sugar for dusting
  300 g dark chocolate



Line two baking sheets with greaseproof paper


Break up the chocolate into 2cm pieces


Fit the dual whisk to the food processor bowl of your MultiPro Compact+ and weigh in the icing sugar and caster sugar, then add the egg.


Turn the speed to max and whisk for 2 minutes. Next add the lemon juice, Amaretto and food colouring down the feed tube and combine at max speed for 30 seconds. Transfer the mixture to a jug.


Clean the food processor bowl and fit the knife blade. Add the freeze-dried raspberries and weigh the ground almonds directly into the bowl then process the mixture on max speed until you have fine breadcrumbs.


Pour the contents of the jug down the feed tube and select speed 1 to combine for 1 minute.


Transfer the marzipan onto a work surface and knead briefly until you have an even colour throughout. You can add a little sieved icing sugar if the mixture is too sticky.


On the greaseproof paper, roll the marzipan out to a thickness of 7mm and cut to shapes of your choice. Re-roll the leftovers and repeat.


Refrigerate the cut-out shapes for 30 minutes.


Next, add the dark chocolate to a medium-sized bowl and place over a pan of barely simmering water, until melted.


Remove from the heat and allow the chocolate to begin to cool and thicken.


Drop a marzipan shape into the melted chocolate and push it just under the surface of the chocolate. Lift it with a fork and tap it against the side of the bowl to remove any excess chocolate, before transferring it to the baking tray.


Decorate with freeze-dried raspberry flakes if desired. Repeat the process with the remaining marzipan and chocolate.