Kuih Layang Layang or Kerepek Layang: Your New Favourite Snack!
It's not easy to find kerepek layang layang anymore, but today we have a time-tested recipe for this sweet snack. What does it taste like? First, it has crispy layers that are coated with icing sugar, so it's like eating a very small sugar-coated biscuit. Each piece is bite-sized, so before you know it - you could finish the entire bottle (trust us, we tried!). It's extremely easy to make because it's essentially just spring roll skin - which you can find everywhere - and icing sugar. Take care to use icing sugar and not any other type of sugar, otherwise the snack won't have the same mouthfeel. The water and the cornstarch will come together to form a glue. Mix it first and if it's not sticky, add more cornstarch.


  1 packet of spring roll skin (about 20 sheets)
  200 g caster/icing sugar
  100 ml oil (use a neutral smelling oil)
  4 tbsp Water
  1 tsp cornstarch



Lay a spring roll sheet flat. Lightly brush the side facing you with some corn oil.


Using 1 bamboo skewer as a guide, place it at the edge of the spring roll sheet and start rolling as small as and as tightly you can. When you reach the end, dab some glue and press gently to close the flap. Slide out the skewer. You should have a very tightly rolled, cylindrical biscuit.


Slice each roll twice or thrice. This depends if you prefer shorter or longer kerepek. We prefer shorter ones. Let it chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.


In a medium sized wok, heat oil. You'll know once the oil is ready if you dip your wooden ladle in and bubbles gather around it. Once heated, fry the cold dough until golden brown. Fry in small batches so that they don't stick together. This should take less than 5 minutes. Repeat until all have been fried.


Let it cool and drain on paper towels, then coat the rolls with lots of icing sugar!