12 Best TikTok Food Stars to Follow in 2021
Have you always dreamt of being a wow-worthy cook? Maybe, with all the time we’ve got staying at home, it’s time to learn how to cook with flair. And perhaps the exciting world of food accounts on TikTok can help! Looking to whip up a spicy Mexican dish or a creamy Italian pasta recipe? TikTok has got your back. Prefer local flavours? No worries, there are Yong Tau Fu and Fried Mee Siam accounts for you too! Most of the recipes aren't tedious to make, and may not require complex kitchen machines at all. So, are you ready to put your chef hat on? The TikTok fanatics here at Love Wholesome have curated a list of the best food TikTokers out there.

The account that understands cooking doesn’t have to be long-winded: @khairulaming

Just learning to cook? Start here. It’s very unlikely that any of the recipes on the TikTok account @khairulaming will make you stumble, even if you’re a beginner. Known for his famous introductory line of "Hey, what's up guys...?", Khairulaming's feed is perfect for those who are new to the culinary world. He started out on Facebook and Instagram and have recently joined the Tiktok fraternity in 2020. Don’t be surprised to see a TikTok of chilli crab one minute and chocolate chip cookies the next, because @khairulaming’s culinary knowledge knows no bounds. All of his recipes look so delish and super easy, you won’t be able to resist trying a few out!

The man who cooks outdoors and lets us join him: @menwiththepot

Not only are the TikTok account @menwiththepot’s recipes delicious looking, but seeing him cooking up in America’s wild outdoors makes them all the better. Okay, making our own pizza dough can be a lot of work and we may not have river water handy for cooking our pasta, but his tacos, kebabs and pizza pockets give us MAJOR inspiration. One of @menwiththepot’s most popular recipes? His calzone TikTok, which has raked in over 50 million views! Come for the amazing recipes, stay for the serene backdrop and soothing ASMR (that’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, if you didn’t know!) in the TikToks.

This cooking mama whose home-cooked food is 10 times better than takeout: @tiffycooks

tiktok tiffy cooks The TikTok food account @tiffycooks is going to fuel your culinary fire. What to expect: Authentic, delicious, and foolproof Asian recipes! Whether it’s Japanese beef curry, Shanghai rice cakes, Korean japchae or Vietnamese beef pho, Tiffany’s got you covered. Don’t have much time (or energy) to cook? You should know that Tiffy is the account you need to follow. 15 minutes is all you need to whip up a Chef’s kiss-dinner – 10, if you’re in a hurry. Her TikToks feel like you’re hanging out with a bubbly best friend. Tiffy makes her viewers feel super excited trying something new. Check out this prawn omelette, which takes — yep, you guessed it — exactly 10 minutes to make!

The most wholesome Northern Malaysian delights: @dapoq_pdot

malaysia food tiktoker Look to @dapoq_pdot’s TikTok when you’re next feeling stuck deciding what to prepare for your evening tea. Traditional kuihs such as nagasari and kosui to beverages such as milk carrot and strawberry soda are what you can expect to find. We’d definitely recommend giving @dapoq_pdot a follow for recipe videos that look so scrumptious! Other tips on his account include how to make sambal belacan and the secret to getting the crispiest and juiciest fried chicken.

You need to try this easy-to-make cheesy goodness: @scheckeats

The TikTok account @scheckeats is most famous for its incredible visuals of Italian recipes that are bursting with vibrant colour. The secret to Jeremy’s perfect pasta? Always, always save some pasta water from the cooking process. A cup of pasta water will create a silky smooth sauce. One of his most famous TikToks is baked feta pasta. If you fancy trying it out, check out our easy-to-follow recipe for the dish here. Jeremy doesn’t limit his palette to Italian fare, but also occasionally experiments with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes.

Delicious-looking and aesthetically pleasing: @ashfoodhunter

ashfoodhunter For anyone that’s into artfully filmed cooking videos, you’ll definitely like watching what’s being served up at the TikTok account @ashfoodhunter. His TikToks are mesmerising and, most importantly, the dishes look so delicious! Learn how to make spicy tuna ramen that will fire up your taste buds, beef pad kra pow that will transport you to the streets of Bangkok, or rich and creamy salmon curry. Our favourite video has to be his decadent and spicy chilli oil dumplings!

The account that’s literally just pasta, pasta, pasta: @the_pastaqueen

the pasta queen tiktok If pasta is your favourite dish, then the TikTok account @the_pastaqueen — whose crown is made of gnocchi and spaghetti with a sprinkle of sass — is the chef to guide you. She manages to reinvigorate the classic pasta dishes, giving them a fresh and exciting new lease of life. Get ready for incredible carbonara, cherry tomato pasta with ricotta, and fettuccine alfredo “just like the Roman Gods intended.” Her fancy pasta recipes will provide wonderful inspiration if you’re planning to host a dinner party.

The Mex food account that turns up the heat to max: @jennymartinezzz

jenny martinez food tiktok Love a flavour punch in your dishes? Awesome. You (and your taste buds) will be on fire to discover the TikTok account @jennymartinezzz. Jenny cooks up amazing Mexican recipes that can easily rival your favourite takeout spot. Chipotle, frijoles puercos (refried beans), spicy enchiladas, beef tacos, and much more. Jenny shows us the ins and outs of Mexican cooking, and makes us very hungry along the way. Check out her most popular recipe to date, this cheesy Mexican Chorizo Cheese Wrap.

The account that makes us think, “Wait, cooking is this simple?”: @engelkoh

engel koh food simple tiktok Between her Sichuan boiled fish and Mamak’s fried Maggi, Engel Koh of the TikTok account @engelkoh makes cooking look so easy and fun. She sprinkles plenty of bold creativity into her cooking, too — imagine turning prata into a Strawberry Napoleon or using peanut butter as your ramen sauce (yes, seriously!). Never say never, folks. Some of her TikToks include easy cooking recipes that you can create using an air fryer or toaster oven. Thinking of jumping on the toaster oven trend? Browse a selection of Kenwood’s ovens here.

The TikTok account that will impress your in-laws: @adikfoods

adikfoods malaysia famous tiktok malay food We’re just gonna throw it out there — few cuisines are as good as Asian food. If you agree with us, you’ll delight in the TikTok account @adikfoods. You’ll find her TikTok videos cover a wide array of yummy dishes, including fried kuey teow, prawn sambal with petai or buttermilk fried rice. Craving something a little lighter? She also shows how to make simple recipes, such as fish cake tempura, kek batik, and chocolate chip muffins.

Tabitha, who takes cooking vegan to the next level: @iamtabithabrown

tabitha brown tiktok food mom We can watch the TikTok account @iamtabithabrown all day long. If you’re vegan or keen to try more plant-based meals – or you’re simply drawn to someone with a particularly soothing voice – give Tabitha a follow! Tabita infuses abundant energy into every post, so you will find yourself smiling at your screen as she prepares some healthy yet flavour-packed vegan-friendly recipes. Plus, she also includes meat substitution ideas with each recipe in case you can’t abandon your carnivorous habits!

And finally, the home chef who makes us wish we’re part of the family: @take_a_pix

cherry yup tiktok take a pix Many of us have a beloved aunt who always manages to show up to family gatherings with the most comforting, mouth-watering dishes. Cherry Yup from the TikTok account @take_a_pix will likely remind you of her. Her TikToks vary from a simple, modest lunch — stir-fried spinach with sambal belacan and pan-fried mackerel, to a more elaborate dinner spread — braised leatherjacket fish with black bean sauce and steamed sea bass with garlic. But Cherry also understands that sometimes we just need a lazy late-night snack, so she shares how Milo-soaked cream crackers are perfect for such an occasion!