More than just a Stand Mixer

More than just a Stand Miixer.

Multiply Your Culinary Possibilities with Attachments  

When is a stand mixer not a stand mixer? When it's equipped with attachments that turn it into a food processor, a noodle maker, an ice kachang machine, a juice extractor, and more. Brilliant as it is on its own, your Kenwood stand mixer becomes an incredibly versatile multi-tasking appliance when it's equipped, empowered, and elevated with attachments.

The good news is, Kenwood offers a wide range of attachments that are compatible with best-selling models Cooking Chef KCL95, Patissier KWL90, and Chef Baker XL KVL85. Get 'attached' and multiply your creative possibilities in the kitchen without overcrowding your counters with multiple bulky appliances. Equip, empower, and elevate your Kenwood stand mixer with customised attachments that turn it into more than you ever imagined.

Focus on What You Love About Cooking  

All-purpose Bundle

Food Processor attachment (KAH647PL)
ThermoResist Glass Blender Attachment 1.6L (KAH359GL)

Love cooking, baking, and plating, but don’t have time for all that tedious chopping, slicing, grating, and grinding? Or perhaps you find it relaxing, almost meditative, when time is on your side. However, in reality, few of us have the luxury of time for lengthy prepping, at least not every mealtime of our lives. In terms of saving you time in the kitchen, there are two Kenwood attachments, in particular, that can liberate you from hours of menial manual chores: the food processor attachment and the ThermoResist glass blender. When purchased together, they are known as the All-purpose Bundle.

Food Processor Attachment (KAH647PL)

Featuring a bowl made from Tritan™ plastic – Kenwood’s durable, shatterproof, and dishwasher-safe material that withstands all kinds of punishment and lasts for ages. It comes with knife blades and six slicing discs that equip your stand mixer with the ability to slice, chop, julienne, shred, and grate.

ThermoResist Blender (KAH359GL)

You don’t have to worry about thermal cracking, thanks to the resilient treated glass from which the glass is made. It features a patented MultiZone™ blade with super-powerful cutting capabilities and a gutsy stir stick that enables you to perfectly combine even the thickest mixtures into silky-smooth, lump-free purées.

Healthify Your Family Menu  

The food processor attachment is ideal for home cooks determined to ensure their family enjoys the highly recommended daily ‘rainbow’ – a variety of colourful veggies bursting with micronutrients. Put your skills – or rather your food processor attachment – to the test with a vibrant Asian slaw. Use the shredding disc to shred purple and green cabbage with carrots. Finish it off with a handful of crunchy bean sprouts and dress it with a combination of light soy sauce, honey, rice wine, and sesame seeds. It all takes just a few minutes with your stand mixer and a food processor attachment.

When it comes to guilt-free snacks, they don’t get any healthier than carrot sticks and hummus. You can whip up both the sticks and the dip in a jiffy with your food processor attachment. This wonder-worker makes light work of nut butters and is also ideal for savoury dishes that require a smooth and even consistency, such as Thai fishcakes.

Similarly, the ThermoResist glass blender attachment advances your quest to ‘eat clean’ in innovative and immensely convenient ways. For example, it allows you to make ice-cold smoothies with frozen berries straight from the freezer. You can even blend hot cooked veggies, straight from the saucepan or steamer, into ready-to-serve smooth, hot soups. Don’t worry about thermal cracking thanks to the resilient ThermoResist glass container.

Elevate Your Mains, Sides and Sauces  


The food processor attachment not only saves time in meal preparation but also elevates your presentation with its precision cutting and slicing. Precisely julienned vegetables look and taste fantastic in a quick stir-fry or Thai salad. It takes French fries to a whole new level – picture-perfect little batons of potato in even lengths and thicknesses!

Have you ever attended a roll-your-own popiah party? They're great fun, and your guests can adjust the spice level to their liking. With a Kenwood stand mixer and a food processor attachment, impress everyone by making your own popiah skins. With just flour, water, and salt, you can create a silky-smooth batter in minutes. Add a slicing disc, and you can julienne the turnip (jicama) in seconds.

Besides cutting and slicing, the food processor attachment is excellent for grating. Let’s be honest, grating is nobody’s favourite food prepping task. Most of us have at some point grated the skin off our fingers, especially when you get down to that last whittled-down nub of cheese or carrot... Seriously, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a food processor attachment.

When it comes to sauces, a ThermoResist blender is a whizz. It produces silky homemade mayonnaise and Hollandaise at the touch of a button. It’s also a lifesaver when you find yourself with a lumpy gravy or sauce. Just pop it all in the glass blender and blitz for a few seconds – sauce saved, problem solved.

If you’re throwing a dinner party and have slaved endlessly over the starters and mains, neglecting dessert, fret not. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane and whip up iced kachang on your stand mixer with your ThermoResist blender attachment. Simply shave fresh ice in your blender attachment, then fill individual glass bowls with a spoonful of canned sweetened red beans, grass jelly, creamed sweet corn, and toddy palm seeds (attap chee). Top with ice, then drizzle with gula melaka syrup, red rose (bandung) syrup, green pandan syrup, and condensed milk.

Alternatively, make ice kachang 'your way.' Swap the traditional solid ingredients with fresh fruits of your choice. Drizzle your favourite liqueur over the ice. Make it easily, and make it your own!

Enhance the Joy of Baking

Creaming Bundle

Flexible Beater (AT502)
Chef Bowl (36386)

Are you a passionate baker who finds pleasure in the therapeutic, almost meditative process of creaming, mixing, pouring, and baking – and last but not least, that glorious moment of truth when you remove your creation from the oven? Then Kenwood’s popular Creaming Bundle is the one for you. It consists of a flexible beater and a sleek chef bowl. It’s a boon for any dish, sweet or savoury, with sticky ingredients that tend to adhere to the side of the mixing bowl. Not only will it cut down on mixing time, but ensure that your batter or mixture is perfectly mixed, with all your ingredients evenly distributed.

Flexible Beater (AT502)

The flexible beater is a versatile creaming tool that features ingenious pliable wings to reach the far sides of your bowl. This means no pockets of batter, cream, or frosting are neglected in the creaming process. You achieve perfectly consistent results, with no clumps of undissolved flour or sugar, and no air pockets. Just even-textured cakes and cookies, silky-smooth frostings, and an endless stream of compliments to the chef. An added bonus – the flexible wiper is removable for easy cleaning.

Chef Bowl (36386)

A perfect match for your flexible beater, the popular chef bowl is made from sleek stainless steel. It proves invaluable when you’re making multiple batches of baked goods, whipped fillings, and desserts. No need to tediously wash and dry your one and only stand mixer bowl before moving on to the next recipe or batter. Just pop it in the dishwasher and proceed to the next recipe with a fresh chef bowl.

Cake, Unchained  

Everything is better with cake. And who doesn’t love a slice with a cuppa?

Have you ever wondered – what exactly constitutes a cake? You might be inclined to say it’s a sweet baked confection containing butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. However, in today’s health-conscious and inclusive world, where every menu features gluten-free and vegan options, there really is no fixed formula for cake. Take flour. Beyond plain and self-raising wheat flour, there are dozens of gluten-free alternatives, including almond, buckwheat, sorghum, amaranth, teff, arrowroot, besan (chickpea), white and brown rice flour, oat flour, cornflour, and more.

Likewise, there are many substitutes for eggs. For dishes that really cannot do without a binding agent, vegan bakers can opt for flax seeds, chia seeds, mashed ripe bananas, and many other tried and tested hacks. However, it’s not a case of one egg-sub fits all. Different dishes work better with different replacement ingredients. For example, mashed banana works well in many cakes but alters the flavor profile. Judgment and a little experimentation may be required, but with your flexible beater attachment and chef bowl, the process is sure to be pleasurable – ultimately, successful.

Let’s not even start on milk. Any lactose-sensitive coffee connoisseur can fill you in on the whole wide world of non-dairy milks... Some lactose-tolerant coffee lovers are so besotted with the creamy taste of, say, oat milk, that they choose it over dairy. Cake. So, you see, this seemingly simple single word covers a multitude of ingredients and a myriad of recipes. But there is one constant – they all require creaming and mixing. You can’t go wrong with the Kenwood Creaming Bundle.

Go Gourmet, Revive Retro!  

With a Kenwood stand mixer, your flexible beaters, and chef bowl, you’re all set for a trip down culinary memory lane. Don’t just stop at cakes. Explore the delicious retro realm of chocolate mousse, chocolate soufflé, tiramisu, bombe Alaska, trifle, and that delightful whipped confection known as fluff. Some things never grow old, like the enticing aroma of a freshly baked cake summoning family and friends to the kitchen...

Feast in the Global Kitchen

Spaghetti and Mee Kia Kit

Lasagne Flat Roller Attachment (KAX980ME)
Spaghetti Pasta Cutter (KAX984ME)

We love our mee kia as much as Italians love their pasta.

Truth be told, we all love pasta and noodles. It’s not an either/or situation but a delicious dilemma. There really is no need to choose a side because you can make fresh, delicious lasagne sheets, spaghetti, and mee kia at home with a Kenwood stand mixer and a couple of handy attachments – a flat pasta roller and a spaghetti pasta cutter. We call it the Spaghetti and Mee Kia Kit.

Flat Pasta Roller (KAX980ME)

The flat pasta roller attachment fits easily to your stand mixer and comes with nine thickness settings, ranging from 0.6mm to 4.8mm. You can choose from delicate paper-thin sheets to the more substantial thick style of pasta with that coveted al dente bite. ‘Perfetto’ for making lasagne and cannelloni, it also produces the makings of spaghetti and/or noodles prior to cutting.

Spaghetti Pasta Cutter (KAX984ME)

Kenwood’s sturdy stainless steel spaghetti pasta cutter attachment is an ideal companion to the flat pasta roller. With a 2mm cutting width, it produces perfectly consistent strands of fresh spaghetti and the thin Chinese egg noodles known as mee kia.

Lasagne and Beyond

Kenwood’s flat pasta roller makes light work of lasagne sheets. With no more than flour, eggs, and a pinch of salt, you can turn out sheets of fresh pasta to rival an Italian Nona’s.

Say ‘Lasagne,’ and most people think of a baked, layered pasta dish bubbling with bolognese and béchamel sauces. However, in reality, lasagne has many regional variations, as diverse as they are authentic.

In the region of Emilia-Romagna, green lasagne made with spinach is commonplace and uncommonly delicious. There’s also an exquisite, little-known dish that roughly translates to ‘pasta roses.’ It involves wrapping strips of fresh lasagne sheets around prosciutto and cheese, and smothering them in béchamel sauce before baking. (Is your mouth watering yet?) Neapolitan lasagne is made with little meatballs. In the Italian Alps, meat sauce is often replaced with a filling of porcini, truffles, and pecorino. The list goes on.

Of course, a flat pasta roller paired with a spaghetti cutter attachment opens up pots of pasta possibilities. Spaghetti, which means ‘little twine’ in Italian, is the classic cut pasta. Thin enough to be twirled, yet thick enough to withstand vigorous stirring, each strand picks up just enough sauce to ensure a balanced mouthful with every bite and slurp. Though traditionally served with thin sauces such as the classic aglio olio, it pairs well with thicker sauces, too.

Fancy a fusion pasta dish? No disrespect to Italy, but there’s a whole world of pasta permutations out there, beginning with Thai Drunken Spaghetti...

With your Kenwood stand mixer and flat pasta roller, the possibilities of pasta are limited only by your imagination.

Mee Kia? Yes You Can!  

Just like lasagne, noodles come in many versions. They’re all delicious, and different noodles suit different dishes. Arguably, the most beloved noodle of them all is mee kia, the thin Chinese egg noodles also fondly known as wanton noodles.

These thin, springy strands star most famously in bak chor mee (minced pork noodles), whether served with soup or dry. Though it may sound nonsensical in a country like Singapore where you can, let’s face it, get great and relatively cheap food 24 hours a day, making noodles (or spaghetti) is incredibly satisfying and much easier than you’d think with a spaghetti pasta cutter.

While spaghetti dough uses wheat flour and eggs, mee kia uses a combo of wheat and tapioca flours and is often enlivened with a dash of lemon yellow coloring. And that’s where the difference between the two thin noodles ends. With a Spaghetti and Mee Kia Kit, the next steps – rolling and cutting, are identical. Once you’ve made your flat sheets of dough, simply feed them into the spaghetti cutter attachment – and hey presto, you have precisely cut strands of mee kia!

If you have a spare day and are feeling ambitious, why not whip up a batch of mee kia and tackle that evergreen favorite, bak chor mee? It’s not a simple dish by any means, and our talented hawkers have finessed top-secret family recipes over many generations, but if you’re up for a challenge, give it a go. You’ll definitely impress your family and friends and may even surprise yourself! Whether your meal is themed west or east, with a Kenwood Spaghetti and Mee Kia Kit, you have all the makings of a feast.

Explore the Wide World of Flat Noodles

Fettucine and Mee Pok Kit:

Lasagne Flat Pasta Roller (KAX980ME)
Fettucine Pasta Cutter (KAX981ME)

Let’s set aside the age-old debate over who invented noodles – the Chinese or the Italians – and call it a tie. Both cuisines share a fondness for flat noodles, and needless to say, so do we. Though there are many versions of flat pasta, the most famous of all is fettucine, literally ‘little ribbons’. Likewise, there are many forms of flat Asian noodles, made from wheat flour or rice flour, with and without eggs. However, the local favourite would have to be mee pok.

If you’re in possession of a Kenwood stand mixer, all you need is a flat pasta roller and a fettucine pasta cutter attachment, and you have the tools to make fabulous fresh fettucine and mee pok at home. For obvious reasons, we’ve named this pair of perfect-match attachments the Fettucine and Mee Pok Kit.

Flat Pasta Roller (KAX980ME)

The flat pasta roller attachment fits easily to your stand mixer and comes with nine thickness settings, ranging from 0.6mm to 4.8mm. You can choose from delicate paper-thin sheets to the more substantial thick style of pasta with that coveted al dente bite. ‘Perfetto’ for making lasagne and cannelloni, it also produces the makings of spaghetti and/or noodles prior to cutting.

Fettucine Pasta Cutter (KAX981ME)

Like its close relation, the spaghetti pasta cutter, the fettucine pasta cutter is made from sturdy stainless steel and attaches easily to your Kenwood stand mixer. It effortlessly creates cascades of perfect 6mm-wide fettucine noodles or mee pok noodles.

Not-so-Fragile Fettucine is Fabulous Because...

With its extra-wide diameter and coarser texture, fettucine is ideal for dishes with heavier sauces. For example, meat ragu and bacon-laden carbonara sauce both work better with fettucine than the more fragile spaghetti or linguine. Basically, the chunkier and thicker the sauce, the wider the noodle you should use. It’s all a matter of balance.

Making fresh fettucine with a Kenwood stand mixer and a Fettucine and Mee Pok Kit really is a piece of cake. When you’re done with your dough, attach your lasagne flat pasta roller and choose a setting on the thicker side. Then simply swap the flat pasta roller for the fettucine pasta cutter and feed your sheets through the roller. Hey presto – fresh fettucine!

Mee Pok in the Wok or the Pot

Say that five times quickly and you’ll see that it’s quite a tongue-twister. Mee pok is also a sure-fire palate-pleaser when you make it fresh with a Kenwood stand mixer. Though the process is more or less identical to making fettucine, they begin with different doughs. While fettucine is made from wheat flour and eggs, mee pok noodles contain tapioca flour or starch and often a dash of lemon yellow coloring. They have, in fact, been called ‘the Asian fettucine’.

Once you’ve mastered the art of mee pok making, the question is – how to serve it, or rather, what to serve it with. Bak chor mee, made from mee kia or mee pok (thin or thick noodles), is wildly popular. Fishball mee pok is another fan favorite. Both can be served wet with soup or drained and served dry with the soup on the side. Due to their relative resilience, mee pok perform as well in the wok as they do in the pot. They won’t disintegrate when stirred and tossed, and their generous surface area picks up copious amounts of sauce and seasoning. As an Asian or Asian food lover, there’s no point in telling you what you already know – noodles go great with almost anything. So, here’s an idea – build your own noodle stir-fry and invent an original dish to call your own. There’s plenty of inspiration on the Internet and in the hallowed hawker centers of Singapore.

Fettucine or mee pok, have fun enjoying the wide world of flat noodles and get wildly inventive in your kitchen with your Kenwood stand mixer and attachments.

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