Chefette HM680 Vs HMP54 — Which Kenwood Stand Mixer to Buy?

When it comes to baking, any baker can tell you that the handheld and stand mixer machines are equally indispensable. While they may be similar in certain aspects, they still retain unique benefits of their own. For instance, the hand mixer comes with an ergonomic design allowing for more flexible hold, whereas stand mixers let you enjoy hands-free handling, freeing up your time so you can focus on the other steps of your recipe. The question now is: how do you go about choosing one over the other? 

While there is no correct answer to help in your purchase decision, we recommend that you weigh out your personal baking needs and choose the mixer that best suits your needs. But, instead of drawing up a list of the pros and cons, here at Kenwood Malaysia, we’ve got an even better option for you: a 2-in-1 mixer that doubles up as both a stand mixer and hand mixer whenever you need it – the Chefette. 

Before we go on about the models that are up for consideration, let us tell you a little bit about what the Chefette offers. Providing bakers with the best of both worlds, the Chefette comes with dual-purpose mixing that’s only possible with its standout features. The flexibility of the Chefette also gives you the freedom of using it as a hand mixer with a bowl of your choosing while, at the same time, giving you the convenience of a stand mixer. 

But, with two Kenwood Chefette models available – Chefette HM680 and the Chefette HMP54 – how do you know which to get? Let us take a closer look at these two 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machines. 

Chefette HM680 

Designed and built to make every baking session a little more special, the Chefette HM680 is surprisingly compact, given what it can bring to the table. This 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine combine amazing results whilst letting you enjoy a mess-free process to bring out the best of your baking endeavours. All you need to do is to put your ingredients into its 3L metal bowl, and the Chefette HM680 hand and stand mixer will get all the hard work done for you. 

Here are the features that make the Chefette HM680 a perfect pastry sous chef: 

Five dedicated speeds and a pulsing function

The different speeds and pulsing function allows for effortless and speedy mixes. From mixing heavy batter or cutting in batter at low speeds to thoroughly whisking egg whites or cream into the light and airy meringue. 

SureGrip™ handle

Since it can double as a handheld mixer, the Chefette HM680 is also designed with a SureGrip handle to give you the best hold while you work your mixture. So, bakers with sweaty palms need not fear losing their grip while mixing their batter! 

Rotating 3L bowl

The Chefette HM680 hand and stand mixer comes with a rotating 3L bowl that rotates in the opposite direction in which the mixer spins in – perfect for when you are using this kitchen appliance as a stand mixer. Having a rotating bowl helps you to ensure that all the edges can be easily reached so that you can incorporate ingredients nicely and evenly. 

Stainless steel beaters and kneaders

From turning egg whites into fluffy meringues to giving you light and moist cakes from your sponge mixes, these mixer attachments let you achieve perfect consistency no matter the recipe you are attempting. 

Secure splash guard

With a splash guard in place, your kitchen top will be in a minimal mess condition, even if you’re baking up a storm or pursuing the wildest creations. But that’s not all. The splash guard also allows you to easily add in ingredients progressively into the mix, even while the machine is still mixing. All you need to do is just remove the detachable splash guard, add your ingredients in, put the splash guard back on, and the machine will do the rest of the work for you! 

350W motor

Don’t be fooled by its compactness. The Chefette HM680 comes with a built-in 350W motor that allows the Chefette HM680 to work magic in the kitchen. This means that this 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer has substantial power to turn your ingredients into the consistency you’re looking for so you can achieve only the best results from your baking endeavours. 

Other generic specifications of the Chefette HM680 include: 

  • weight of 2.3kg
  • 34.5cm x 39.0cm x 27.0cm in size (length x width x height) 
  • Polished stainless steel bowl
  • Stainless steel tool materials 
  • Body material made of plastic

The Chefette HM680 also comes in one colour – white, a neutral colour that would match almost any kitchen interior design. 

Chefette HMP54

Like the Chefette HM680, the Chefette HMP54 is also a 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine. What sets it distinctly apart is its sleek design that comes with a host of new features. Due to its compact design, this ideal mixer machine works best for bakers who have to work with smaller kitchens or countertop spaces. 

While the Chefette HMP54 sports similar functions and features to the Chefette HM680, there are new and improved features that you can look out for. Some of them include: 

Increased bowl capacity of 3.5L

Unlike the Chefette HM680, which comes with a 3L rotating bowl, the Chefette HMP54 is bigger and thus can now handle more significant quantities. This includes whisking up to 500mL of cream or batter mixture for approximately 24 cupcakes per batch. 

SureEject beater release button

Separated from the speed dial, the SureEject button makes “accidental beater release” a thing of the past. This means you can now focus on getting the right speed for your mixes. 

Slow-speed start option

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, you’d know for sure that a sudden burst of high-speed mixing can easily send dry ingredients like flour billowing into the rest of the kitchen. But, with this slow speed start option feature, you can quickly get to the speed setting you want without the possibility of a mess. Furthermore, the pulsing function of the Chefette still remains, so you don’t have to fret about not having the option for a sudden power boost. 

650W motor

Swift and quiet, the Chefette HMP54’s quiet motor is designed to provide even greater power for more thorough consistencies in your mixtures. With this power capacity, you can now work on recipes that require mixer machines that are more powerful than your conventional electric handheld mixer. 

Other general specifications for the Chefette HMP54 include: 

  • Weight of 2.55kg
  • 23.0cm x 32.7cm x 33.5cm in size (length x width x height) 
  • Polished stainless steel bowl
  • Stainless steel tool materials 
  • Body material made of plastic

The Chefette HMP54 also comes in one colour – silver with grey accents, giving it an overall sleek appearance. 

Chefette HM680 vs Chefette HMP54: Which is better?

The Chefette HMP54 is considerably better than its predecessor since it has enhanced features to provide users with better functionality. However, there are other considerations that come into play when deciding which 2-in-1 hand and stand mixer machine is a better choice for your baking needs. 

For instance, you should consider the amount of space available on your kitchen top that can accommodate your electric mixer for baking. The Chefette HM680 and HMP54 differ significantly in terms of their shape and size; hence, it is important for you to ensure that you pick the one that fits your kitchen countertop. Some bakers also take into consideration the interior aesthetics of their kitchen, therefore, the colour of the mixer machines could be another important factor. 

Aside from your kitchen's available space and interior design, you should also consider the budget. Even though the Chefette HMP54 boasts new and improved features, this also means that it retails at a higher price compared to the Chefette HM680. So, it’s best you choose a 2-in-1 handheld and stand mixer machine that suits your budget, level of expertise in baking, favoured types of bakes, and recipes you are thinking of pursuing – essentially, all the nuanced needs that are evoked by your specific baking habits. 

You are not on this baking journey alone! Regardless of which mixer machine you choose, the Chefette HM680 and HMP54 come with Kenwood’s 360 Baking Support. Bakers can also visit our Learn page and sign up for free online workshops, easy upgrades for your Kenwood kitchen appliances, useful content like baking recipes and tips, and local warranty coverage for both labour and parts. 

Still Can’t Decide? Speak to Our Experts Today! 

If you are still unsure which Kenwood hand and stand mixer best suits your needs, you can always reach out to our live baking advisors for personalised advice. Not only do our live baking advisors have immense professional knowledge and experience in their respective fields, but these 1-on-1 consultations with them are also completely on us! So, don’t hesitate to reach out and arrange for a session with an advisor of your choice. Share your concerns and your baking needs with them so they can provide you with insightful opinions to help you make better purchase decisions. 

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