Toaster Ovens in Malaysia

A toaster oven is a small but powerful kitchen appliance that makes preparing warm, crispy toast and reheating snacks a breeze. When heating small quantities of pastries, bread or pizza, a toaster oven provides a good alternative to a convection oven. With minimal set-up time and no preheating required, it helps save time, energy and effort. Delight your loved ones with simple sweet treats like buttery croissants, crumbly scones and moist brioche bread with Kenwood’s toaster oven. Durable and built to perform  –  these easy-to-clean oven toasters are a must-have kitchen appliance for all households.

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Versatile oven toasters with light grilling, crisping and toasting functions

Kenwood Malaysia’s range of toaster ovens allows you to accomplish many things in the kitchen. Prepare simple egg sandwiches or cheese toasties for breakfast and power up your mornings. Defrost or reheat frozen quiches and pot pies if you are looking for time-saving meals or when you are feeling peckish in the evenings. You are not just limited to toasting or reheating refrigerated food items – baking and light grilling is possible too. Marinate fish or chicken with herbs and spices and pop it into the toaster oven  – and your tasty, nutritious meal is ready. 

Compact and convenient

These compact toaster ovens do not take up a lot of space and sit discreetly on your kitchen countertop. If you prefer to stow them away in the cupboards, their light bodies and slight frames require minimal effort to do so. 

Thermostat temperature settings let you determine exactly how you want your food prepared. The toaster oven’s auto-timer function lets you know when your food is ready and helps prevent overcooking. Simply set the timer and leave your food in the oven and wait for the timer to ring so you can start eating. Cleaning is also made easy with removable crumb trays. 

Approach us or visit our stores to learn more 

If you are interested to know more about Kenwood’s toaster ovens or the other types of ovens available for sale, like convection ovens or electric ovens, contact us or drop by our stores in Malaysia. Our team of knowledgeable, friendly kitchen appliances experts will help you weigh your options and make a decision on the best appliance that would suit your needs and lifestyles. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Malaysia’s Toaster Ovens

What is a toaster oven? 

Toaster ovens are small cooking appliances made for toasting, baking, grilling and defrosting, and to prepare quick, easy snacks and meals. It saves you time and energy by letting you warm up refrigerated food and defrost frozen ready-to-eat meals. This multi-functional oven also lets you bake sweet desserts and grill savoury meals. Start making simple meals, toasting sandwiches and baking treats like cookies or cakes with a toaster oven from Kenwood Malaysia

What is the difference between an electric oven and a toaster oven?

There is a slight overlap in functions between an electric oven and a toaster oven, with both kitchen appliances being able to defrost, reheat, bake and grill. However, the two appliances vary in many other aspects from their size to maintenance effort to cost. Toaster ovens fall within a lower price range, perform less heavy-duty cooking and baking, and require less effort to maintain. You can browse toaster ovens and other baking equipment online here on Kenwood!

What other types of appliances can I toast bread with? 

Kenwood offers a range of electric toasters that allow the bread to be toasted several slices at a time. Determine the level of browning with the adjustable knobs that come with all models. Selected toasters also allow larger baguettes and pastries to be heated so that they are  warm, moist and delectable. If you are feeling experimental in the kitchen, Kenwood’s choice of bread and waffle makers will let you make your very own bread too. Get creative in the kitchen and try baking different types of bread, like sourdough or rye, or creating homemade desserts, like crepes or waffles.