Electric Ovens For Baking in Malaysia

Get imaginative in your kitchen as you begin your baking adventure. Whipping up a culinary treat with a Kenwood product elevates the experience. Browse our premium range of electric ovens for baking in Malaysia!

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Quality bakes for everyone

As a baker, whether novice or experienced, working with top-quality kitchen appliances  allow you to produce wondrous bakes like never before. If you are looking for a companion in the kitchen that will deliver that even crisp or crunch you are after, that too at beautiful speeds, an electric oven will suit you. 

Designed with heating elements on the walls that quicken the baking process, the electric oven makes cooking your favourite meals effortless. With a few knob turns and a touch of a button, you get delicious results in no time. The electric oven is easy to clean too, making it a preferred choice among kitchen connoisseurs in Malaysia and beyond. Whether you select a convection oven or a conventional one, you can trust a powerful electric oven to bring your recipes to life.  

Revel in award-winning designs by Kenwood

Marrying innovation and functionality, each electric oven by Kenwood Malaysia is designed with you in mind. These appliances deliver the performance and durability you need for impactful results while livening up the aesthetics to your kitchen interior. 

Beyond our electric ovens, you can explore our premium selection of household kitchen appliances, ranging from toaster ovens to prepare quick breakfast meals to bread and waffle makers for tea time snacks. Shop all you need in one online store here at Kenwood Appliances and enjoy free delivery of your products to selected locations in Malaysia when you cart out with an order of RM 250 or above.     

Have a question about an electric oven or another appliance?

If you would like to learn more about our electric ovens for baking or any other appliance we have on offer, feel free to get in touch with us. You may catch us when we are online via our live chat, or drop us an enquiry and you will hear from us in a few days. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kenwood Malaysia’s Electric Ovens

Can you bake with an electric oven?

Of course, you can! An electric oven is perfect for baking anything, from juicy meat pies to decadent cakes. The large electric coil on the interior base of the oven and heating elements on its inner walls ensure that heat is evenly produced and distributed. This results in steady heat levels that allow the dish to be prepared well without issues of overcooking. You may shop for electric ovens from Kenwood Malaysia or other types of convection ovens for baking.

How much is the delivery fee for the electric oven?

If you cart out with an order worth RM 250 and above, we will waive your delivery fee as long as you provide an address within selected locations in Malaysia. For orders below RM 250, an additional RM 8 will apply for delivery. You may read more details about our delivery service online. If you would like to view our electric ovens in person before making your purchase, you may visit any Kenwood Malaysia outlet near you.

Does Kenwood Malaysia offer other baking equipment aside from electric ovens? 

Yes, we do! Aside from our electric ovens, you may browse more baking equipment online, from powerful stand mixers that will prepare wholesome cakes to the various mixer attachments you will need to assist you in the process to maximise the full potential of your stand mixer. You may also look for baking tools such as electronic scales to help you achieve precise measurements, necessary for any type of bake. There is nothing short in our premium collection of baking appliances — you will find all you need in one convenient online store, here on Kenwood Malaysia!   

In addition, you may also browse our selection of small kitchen appliances such as hand blenders and food choppers to speed up preparation. Drop us your order and we will deliver your brand new equipment in 3 – 5 business days!